About us

Melluns Atelier is an portuguese collab space, an art gallery and a shop based in Guimarães, in the north of Portugal.The space result of the partenership bettween the artist Junia Melluns, the fashion designer Rúben Rosário and the photographer Hugo Uelman and their attempt to unite art, design and fashion.

In Melluns atelier it’s possible find artwork in many ways and diferents supports, easy to asssemble and ship for the consumer. Melluns artwork can be describ like an explosion of strong and vibrant colors and abstract forms.

In 2016 Melluns Atelier launches their fashion brand, MELLUNS COLLAB. An No Gender clothes line, for people that want to express by fashion. The pieces have handmade painted details and limited series of design prints or reprodutions of some paintings. The collections are tought to be versatile, the consumer can use the same piece in diferent ways, according to the situation or the taste.