Beyond the form

Two weeks after closing the store in Guimarães, the work continues on Melluns Atelier. In the last weeks we are trying moving to Oporto and open a new space, but until then we are preparing new products and acept some orders.

One of those orders is a piece for a very special client, he saw a dress in our store, an original piece of young brand Mishevous and fell in love for that. The dress was small for him, but he ask for a new one costum made. Is interesting find people with open mind that don’t mind with the fashion “gender” prejudices. The piece has a genderless aesthetic, but the size was for female body. Find this type of people is very important to us, because when you want made a genderless brand, is so nice have a feedback of the right people and feel their fellings, know their souls and how they thinking.

While we were testing the new pattern on our bust with light, we were inspired for the contrast between light and seams to take some photos. Is beautiful see the seams lit and how different the pieces look with lighting work. In the photos only can see the form and the construction, can’t see the prejudices associated with fashion, such like gender, body types, sizes, fits, etc. only see the beauty, and this is what really matters!


Fashion Around Gender

Since early that gender is imposed to little boys or girls. The toys, the clothes, the social rules are made to tell what the person should do and what is right or wrong to be a succesfull adult.

Some years ago , fashion brig to the spotlight (again) the gender questions. Terms like Androginity, Nogender, Genderless, Unisex, Transgender are being explore in many fashion collections and campaigns. Big fashion houses, like Givenchy, Ives Saint Laurent, Acne Studios, Gucci and many other, are exploring the duality of gender. Fashion is about self expression and not about gender. In 21st century is important speak about freedom, especially about freedom of choice. you may born male or female, but if you feel that born with the diferente soul, or if you doen’t want be rotulate with something else, you have de oportunity to choose what you want to be.
In the majority of brands, the clothes are separated in gender, that isn’t wrong, bacause the majority of population are agree with it, but and who doesn’t fit those labels? Is correct who want to be diferent are forced to “traveling” for the opost gender section, and feel ashamed when try on something? Ok, the humanity are envolving, but only in some things.

So, Melluns Atelier what to participate in this gender revolution, we are agains labels and the gender questions. Our pieces are about fashion , art and self-expression. The pieces have generic forms and can be used for the both gender and people with diferent body tipes. Only need use a little bit of imagination to adapt the pieces to your taste!

Check some of our exclusive pieces, with limited edition patterns made starting the work of portuguese artist Junia Melluns, on our Melluns Atelier tictail store (


Online Store

Today was an important day to Melluns Atelier, we launched our first online store in

Soon we will increase the store and have more articles available. Stay Tuned!

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